Act Concerning Parliamentary Elections to the Althing No. 24 from 16 May 2000

A translation of the Act Concerning Parliamentary Elections to the Althing No. 24 from 16 May 2000 is to be found on the website of the Ministry of Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs. Lesa meira

Absentee voting for the 25 April Parliamentary elections begins 16 March

Absentee voting for the 25 April Parliamentary elections in Iceland will begin on Monday, 16 March 2009. Lesa meira

New elections to the Parliament announced 25 April 2009

The President of Iceland issued a decree on 13 March 2009 in which he dissolved the parliament (Althingi) and announced new elections to the Parliament which will take place on 25 April 2009.

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Elections are the individual's opportunity to express himself actively on political questions and exert an influence on the political system under which he lives Lesa meira

The Voter's Register

Local authorities compile registers of electors on the basis of the records of Statistics Iceland. No one can exercise his right to vote unless his name is on the Voter's Register when the election is held. Voter's registers are to be made available to the public at the least ten days before the election. Lesa meira

Pre-election voting

Voters who are not able to cast their votes on Election Day may vote by post as from the day that falls 8 weeks before Election Day. Lesa meira

Pre-election voting by patients

Guidelines on pre-election voting by patients, etc. Lesa meira

Conduct of Elections

Many public bodies are involved in conducting elections to the Althing, including the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the local authorities, Statistics Iceland, the district commissioners and regional electoral commissions. Lesa meira

Counting of Votes

The Regional Electoral Commission shall announce where and when votes are to be counted. Lesa meira

Voting on Election Day

The local authority shall advertise the whereabouts of polling stations with sufficient notice in the way in which public notices are normally made. Lesa meira

The Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice is involved in a variety of ways in the conduct of elections to the Althing. For example, it handles the production and distribution of electoral materials for voting both at polling stations and by post, keeps a register of the distinguishing letters assigned to political organisations' electoral lists and decides on the letters to be assigned to new political organisations Lesa meira

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Ministry for Foreign Affairs is involved in the administration of pre-election outside Iceland Lesa meira

The National Electoral Commission

The National Electoral Commission is elected by the Althing following each general election, and consists of five members and the same number of alternates. Participation in an electoral commission is a civic duty.

Seet he website of the National Electoral Commission, www.landskjor.is/english

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Results from the General Parliamentary Elections on May 10th 2003

Outcome of the General Elections that took place May 10th, 2003. Lesa meira

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